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Projects & Sales

I sell original art and prints, as well as handmade jewelry, books, and ephemera. I do not send anything out to be printed, it's all done in my studio by me.  To see more work, click on the Gallery link, or to purchase my work, please click on the Etsy Shop link.

Mixed media pieces are one of a kind.  I don't send anything out to print, I do them all myself, including cards, books, bags, t-shirts, and jewelry. 

Personalized ephemera tins that include collectible fortune telling cards, postcards, tarot cards, fabric, prints of my own work, found objects, and other good luck trinkets are one of my favorite things to put together for customers, and I have sold quite a few of them on Etsy. I am a collector of postcards, fabric, tickets, old photos, playing cards, old books, diagrams, etc. My shelves are stuffed with cabinet curiosities that I love to share. I have always loved collections, packaging, and bookmaking, and this tin captures all of those things. 

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